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Going live

I am a fear expert. I have an anxiety disorder, so for me, every day I navigate through a world that I am afraid of.

And this is what I’ve learnt about fear – fear leads to inaction. This inaction comes in different forms – procrastination, avoidance, perfectionism, indecision. And here’s the kicker, inaction always leads back to fear. When I procrastinate, avoid, or fail to make a decision, it always creates more stress, more pain, and more fear. It’s a vicious cycle. The more I think about something, worry about the ‘what ifs’, and contemplate all the potential outcomes, the more fearful I become. And the less likely I am to get on with it, make a decision, and get moving.

Luckily I am discovering how to live without being crippled by my fears, and I hope that Sunny Mondays will be a place where I can share what I learn about living with anxiety. The truth is, despite having my symptoms ‘under control’, some days I still feel anxious, some days I have no motivation, and some days life seems hard. But when those feelings appear again, I am far more aware of what I have to do to feel better. Yoga, meditation, hot tea, a long bath, reading, exercise, spontaneous living room dance party – whatever it is, to feel better I have to take action. Because when I do something, there’s no room left for fear or worry.

The most fearful I have ever been was the day that I became a mother. What the last four years have taught me is that parenting brings with it an extreme range of experiences and emotions. It can be absolutely awe-inspiring, but it can also be isolating, frustrating and overwhelming. And I’ve had my fair share of both ends of the spectrum! I am learning to love the difficult times as much as I love the incredible times. On Sunny Mondays I will share my experience of motherhood, and I hope that my stories may help another mum to feel a little less isolated, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Blogging is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but I have been afraid. Afraid of being vulnerable, afraid of being judged, afraid that I’m not good enough. But everyone knows that the best way to beat fear is to face it. And that’s why I’m putting my words out into the universe. I am starting to live from a place of love, rather than from a place of fear. I am choosing to live and work from my heart, instead of inside my head. Because the only thing that can destroy fear, is love.

I don’t believe that you work on something until it is ready, but rather that you work on something until you are ready to release it into the world. Sunny Mondays is nowhere near perfect, and as a perfectionist, that scares me. But today I am taking action, and ready or not, Sunny Mondays is going live!

Here’s to many more terrifying, imperfect, magnificent blog posts in the future!





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2 thoughts on “Sunny Mondays is going LIVE!

  1. Reading your blog makes me feel soooo proud – you’ve tackled your fears and turned them into actions and feeling so much better for it too. Sunny Mondays will work for people no matter what day of the week xxx

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