My Top 3 Non-negotiables for Mondays

Happy Monday!

The last two weeks have been extremely busy for me, with my last two assignments due for Uni, as well as Harry’s first birthday party, my bestie’s birthday party, and a 4-day visit from my lovely mother-in-law. Over this hectic time I allowed myself to take a break from blogging. Dropping something from my to-do list was a real sanity-saver, but now that my Uni holidays have started I am back in the swing of things. So expect LOTS of new posts over the coming weeks, yay!

3 Non negotiables

As part of my Making Mondays Sunny series, I wanted to share with you my 3 non-negotiables for a productive Monday. Generally, I like to take it easy on Monday. I aim to ease myself into the week, shake off the mayhem of the weekend, and get the boys and myself back into a steady routine. I try not to book appointments on Mondays. I am very lucky that at this time in our lives I am able to stay home with my kids full-time. I am currently juggling motherhood, studying, housework, and blogging, but I don’t do any paid-work outside the home so my routine is pretty flexible.

Our Monday routine is all about setting us up for success during the rest of the week. I aim to have structure to the day – I don’t want to treat it like a long-weekend, because I know the rest of the week will be unproductive and stressful if I don’t get some important things done today.

These are the three things that I do every single Monday, which put me in a good place to tackle the rest of my week:

1 // Exercise

Every Monday, at 9.30am, I go to the gym. I started doing this a few months ago, and it is now a habit. The boys know that Monday morning is “crèche day”, and they look forward to it now as well. I usually do a cardio workout on Mondays, because it feels great to get the blood pumping, listen to some loud music, and move my body (especially if we’ve had a lazy weekend at home).

Exercise is the number 1 thing I do on Mondays to set me up for success for the rest of the week. If I get to the gym early in the week, it motivates me to keep going later in the week.

2 // Write a to-do list for the week

Writing a list of what I hope to accomplish during the upcoming week helps me to feel organised and in-control of my schedule for the rest of the week. I usually write a list of everything that is on my mind (events, appointments, housework, activities with the kids, what to study, etc) and then I schedule the most important tasks in my weekly planner.

I never get everything on my list finished, but that isn’t why I write it. There is just something incredibly cathartic about writing down all the chatter in my mind. I have always been a list writer. Most of the time I have several lists going at once. I just love the feeling of organisation I get when I put pen to paper and list all the things that I want to do, buy, visit, read, watch…

3 // Time in nature

On Mondays, we almost always go to the park. I find the best way to tire out a pre-schooler is to give them a couple of hours of uninterrupted physical play. If Jack doesn’t have a good run around on a Monday afternoon, then it can interrupt his sleep routine that night, and every night that week.

Time outside is one of the most important parts of my self-care plan. If I spend too much time inside, in the apartment, staring at the same four walls (or the television) my anxiety levels start to rise rapidly.

Like with anything else in my life, the more I think about doing something, the more anxious I get about doing it. The more I stay indoors and think about going outside, the more anxious I get about leaving the house. I’ve made a commitment to get outdoors at least once a day, and it has worked wonders for my mental health and overall happiness.





What are your Monday must-dos?

Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “My Top 3 Non-negotiables for Mondays

  1. Great advice Rebecca. I’ve started ‘baby swapping’ with my sister. So on a Monday I have my nephew Maximus and on a Tuesday she has my daughter Audrey so we can do our respective work from home on our baby free day. Audrey is nearly 14 months and Maximus is 7 months. They really love hanging out together but I love taking them out. We’ll go for a walk up to a program called Mainly Music where they mostly watching awe as the older kids clap and sing. Then go for coffee where I prop them both up in a high chair each and give them something to play with while I have a coffee and people come to talk about how adorable they are before we all walk home. They chatter with each other emphatically about god knows what and I love it. I feel like I’m just observing them having a play day together. But the key to them both having a good sleep during the day is that time outside walking. They love it. And so do I. Great blog!

    1. Your baby swap days sound gorgeous Trace! What a great idea to share the workload with your sister. It sounds like the bubs love spending time together, so it’s a win-win. Knowing you get to have a small break once a week must be a sanity-saver too. On the difficult days it’s so helpful to know that you have a break coming up soon. And time outside is such a huge help too! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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