6 Pinterest Profiles for Parenting Inspiration

I am a self-confessed Pinterest addict.

It is the one form of social media that I just can’t get enough of. Other people like posting funny memes on Facebook, or tweeting their every thought on Twitter, but me, well I just can’t get enough of pinning pretty images and helpful articles to digital pinboards. Pinterest has consumed many hours of my life (more than I am prepared to admit), so I thought I would be clever and take this little obsession of mine and use it as a “research” tool for Sunny Mondays (it’s worth a try, right?).

My idea is that once a month I will compile a list of my favourite Boards or Pinners that I have found on Pinterest. Each month will have a theme (because I pin everything from fashion to health, and blogging advice to parenting advice). This month is all about Parenting! I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for you!

My favourite pinners of all things ‘Parenting:’

Kate from Picklebums

Kate is an Aussie mum, parenting blogger and early childhood teacher. She has boards about anything and everything ‘kid’. Kate pins lots of ideas for creative and imaginative play, family food and treats, and learning activities. I have repinned plenty of Kate’s articles about parenting, and her board “Pondering Parenting” is packed full of inspiring and helpful advice for mums and dads.

Below are some of things Kate has pinned from her blog Picklebums.

Connect with Kate on Pinterest!

Kate from picklebums
All photos are from picklebums.com, via Pinterest

B-Inspired Mama

B-Inspired Mama’s Pinterest profile is the place to go for kid’s play ideas, especially art and craft. There are boards here about outdoor play, play dough, kid-friendly science experiments, and baby play. They also have a big collection of seasonal and holiday boards, so if you’re looking for craft ideas for winter time or kid’s Christmas treats, look no further than B-Inspired Mama.

Connect with B-Inspired Mama on Pinterest!

All photos are from b-inspiredmama.com, via Pinterest
All photos are from b-inspiredmama.com, via Pinterest

Jamie Reimer from Hands On: As We Grow

Jamie Reimer is the mum behind the very popular blog, Hands On: As We Grow. Just like her blog, Jamie’s Pinterest boards are filled with craft and play activities for young kids.

Jamie also contributes pins to lots of group boards, so checking out her profile will lead you to many other mummy bloggers.

Connect with Jamie on Pinterest!

All photos are from handsonaswegrow.com, via Pinterest
All photos are from handsonaswegrow.com, via Pinterest

Shawn Fink from Abundant Mama

The Abundant Mama Project is a blog that’s totally dedicated to helping mums live their best life (kind of like Sunny Mondays!) Shawn Fink’s Pinterest boards completely reflect this, so this is the place to find lots of inspiration for parenting with purpose and passion. Her boards “Peaceful Parenting” and “Healthy, Happy Mama” are two of my favourites!

Connect with Shawn on Pinterest!

All photos are from abundantmama.com, via Pinterest
All photos are from abundantmama.com, via Pinterest

Chelsea from Moments a Day

Chelsea is another Aussie blogger who writes (and pins) about learning and growing as a mother, with a bug focus on character building, for parents and kids alike. Her Pinterest boards reflect this, with boards titled “Mama’s Character Building” and “Building a Connected Family”. Check out Chelsea’s profile for plenty of inspiration and practical advice for mums in all seasons of life.

Connect with Chelsea on Pinterest!

All photos are from momentsaday.com, via Pinterest
All photos are from momentsaday.com, via Pinterest

Steph from Modern Parents Messy Kids

Steph from Modern Parents Messy Kids has pinned thousands of articles about simplifying your life as a parent – from organisation tips to family friendly recipes. She has a great balance of kid-related boards and mum-inspired pins. There is something here for every mum, and an abundance of ideas for a completely organised home and family life.

Connect with Steph on Pinterest!


Want more?

There are so many great parenting pinners out there (so many that I might have to compile a “Part 2” of this post), but these six mamas are a great place to start. And of course, I would love for you to have a look at my own Pinterest boards about parenting (pictured below). I pin lots of articles with parenting advice, and I also have boards dedicated to all different types of learning and play, for pre-schoolers and babies. Check it out, and get pinning!

Some of my Pinterest boards





Do you use Pinterest?

Found any nuggets of parenting wisdom on Pinterest?

Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “6 Pinterest Profiles for Parenting Inspiration

  1. Ok I really need to get on Pinterest, I’m a bit of a social media-phobe but Pinterest really appeals, love all the craft ideas, will need to remember this for when my little boy is a bit bigger (and I’d definitely be interested in a part 2 post!)

    1. You will love Pinterest Clare! It’s so much fun, but be prepared to get addicted haha 🙂

      There are so many quick and easy craft ideas to do with kids. I get stuck doing the same activities over and over with Jack, so it’s good to go online and mix things up a bit. I also use it for finding recipes. If you end up joining, I’d love for you to follow me 🙂

      Thanks for the comment xx

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