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Today, as part of my Bright Young Mama interview series, I have another gorgeous young mama to introduce to you!

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Olivia White is a 26 year old blogger and mama to 1. Since I spoke with Olivia, she’s also announced that she’s expecting bub number 2. Congratulations Olivia!

In this interview, Olivia shares her story of going back to work after having a baby, and the surprising reaction she had from other people. Olivia has such a positive attitude about raising kids as a 20-something woman, so I know you’ll love getting to know her 🙂Interview with Olivia White // Olivia White is a 26 year old blogger and mum of 1. She blogs at

REBECCA: Hi Olivia! Please tell us a bit about yourself:

OLIVIA: My name is Olivia, I am at 26 and I work in marketing and PR. I have a gorgeous daughter named Annabelle who is 18 months and I am married to my best friend, Jeremy!

RW: How old were you when you first became a Mum?

OW: I was 24!

RW: What do you believe is the best thing about being a young parent?

OW: I love being able to keep up with Belle and get out and about heaps! I also feel like when Belle is a teen and young adult we will still be able to enjoy being active with her and lead by example rather than just telling her she needs to be active!

RW: Have you faced any obstacles as a result of being a young parent? How did you overcome these challenges?

OW: I did at the start feel like perhaps we were not stable enough financially but really it’s fine! We make it work with what we have and it hasn’t set us back at all!

RW: Many young mums feel like their parenting ability is judged because of their age. Was this true for you, and if so, how did you deal with it?

OW: A lot of older people do comment and ask me condescending questions like “but what about your career” but my career is fine and better than ever. In fact, it has helped my career through teaching me discipline and routine!

I also had a lot of people question me being back at work so early (five months), they thought I was at work because I had to be for financial reasons, but the reality is I chose to return to work! People seemed shocked that I didn’t want to be at home with my baby 24/7 till she went to school – this may work for some but not me! I worked very hard to get to where I am and having a baby doesn’t mean I put it on hold!

RW: Do you have any advice for our young mamas about pursuing their passions while raising children?

OW: I think it is important to pursue something you love whether that be a career, hobby or even a sport! Try and have something for you 🙂 I really believe I am a much better mum for not letting it hold me back from my career as I am ultimately doing it for my family!

RW: Sunny Mondays is all for mums making their self-care a priority. What are your favourite ways to practice self-care?

OW: I go to the gym at least once a week for a class! I never want to go but once I drag myself there I feel amazing and after I am a different person! I also write a blog as a hobby which is a great creative outlet and has allowed me to make some amazing connections!

RW: If you could offer the Bright Young Mamas of Sunny Mondays one piece of advice for thriving as a young mother, what would it be?

OW: Don’t feel guilty! You’re doing an amazing job, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise 🙂

Thanks for being a part of the Bright Young Mama interview series, Olivia!





*All images supplied by Olivia White.

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You can find out more about Olivia’s young mama life by visiting her blog, House of White. She also hangs out on Facebook and Instagram.

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