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This is a brand new segment on Sunny Mondays – Link Love!

Once a month (or thereabouts) I will curate a list of things from around the web.
Articles that made me think, or made me laugh; inspirational videos, or cat videos; products that have made my life easier, or more special.

This month’s Link Love features motherhood + creativity, devoting to meditation, and MAGIC! Plus, heaps more.
It’s been so much fun putting this post together, so I hope you enjoy it lovely. Grab a cuppa and settle in – it’s pretty epic!


Lexi from Scribbles and Crumbs shared 9 reasons why she loves being a young mama

“Nothing has changed me more than learning to truly love another human, my child, completely and unconditionally. In the giving of that love, I have changed irrevocably. My soul is richer, my heart fuller, and my love freer. My children have made me this way, and no matter what challenges I may face as a young mother, I would never change a single thing.”

I’ve been a stay-at-home mum for 5 years now, and I totally agree that SAHM’s need holidays too. We might not get paid for our work, but we still deserve a break.

Wendy from Imperfect Mom wrote a sweet, comforting post about avoiding burnout as a mama.

This photo series that depicts what baby’s look like in the womb took my breath away (and made me a little bit clucky!)

Do you feel pulled in a thousand different directions each day? You try to be the best mother, employee, wife, human being that you can be, but that sense of balance that you crave always seems just out of reach. I know this feeling all too well, so I adored this post from Carla about creative pursuits and motherhood.

“Despite having less time to myself since becoming a Mother I’m also now more productive then I have ever been before. Choosing to make a priority the pursuits that bring me enjoyment and fulfillment has made me not only a happier and more rounded version of who I am, but has also made me a better Mother.”

Here are 50 ways of expressing love, gratitude and appreciation towards our kids.

Sarah Harris fighting back against body-shamers!

Read this post from Picklebums if you’re having a tough mama day.

For the last month, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the incredible life coach Elyse Santilli from Notes on Bliss. And I can tell you, this girl is the Real Deal. She’s guided me through some seriously big shifts, and I couldn’t recommend her coaching more highly. Get a taste of what Elyse is all about with this post about cultivating moments of mindfulness (which is something that Elyse and I have been working on!)

One of the goals that I’ve been working on with Elyse was to recommit to my meditation practice. I am a big advocate for the joys and benefits of meditation, but my own practice had slipped this year. Committing to nightly meditation, for a minimum of 10 minutes, has once again been life changing. My sleep has improved, I’m more patient with the boys, and I’ve been waking up earlier and with more energy.

If you’re a meditation newbie, this 2-part series by Ainslie from Starting with A is an awesome place to start. Or if you already dig meditating, but your practice hasn’t been as consistent as usual, have a read of this post about setting a meditation goal.

I’ve been loving these mini meditations by Claire Obeid. I have the “Make Peace + Heal” collection, which is gorgeous.

I can’t wait to dive into Cassie’s 5 Day FREE mini-course about Body Freedom – starting October 11, 2015. Sign up here.

I’ve been reading/ listening to Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’m almost finished with the audiobook, and I plan to read the book myself once it’s over – it is THAT good! Grab a copy here.

Liz also has a podcast series called “Magic Lessons”, and her most recent chat with Brene Brown had me nodding along the whole time. Listen to the magic here.

Elizabeth Gilbert quote from Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear
I loved this list from The Little Sage of quick tips for self-care savvy mothers – that’s you! How beautiful is tip #2?

“Creatively fuel yourself. Creativity does for the soul what food does for the physical body.”

The Little Sage also have an online shop where you can purchase crystals, meditations and eBooks about living intuitively.

Have you used Oracle Cards before? I bought this gorgeous set recently. If you’re not familiar with Oracle Cards, The Little Sage website says that they “can help you to manifest change, inspire the tone for your day, meditation or journalling practice, answer important questions, provide guidance on life decisions or just give you the positive affirmation you need to hear on a particular day.”

I like to choose a card at random in the morning to give me a little bit of inspiration for the day ahead.

And speaking of self-care, this collection of TED talks, The Importance of Self-Care is worth a browse. If you’ve only got time for one, make it this one.

A beautifully written post from Emma from This True North about motherhood and creativity.

Belinda Davidson has curated a list of myths about being a mama, to help you to stop feeling bad about motherhood.

“A good mum always puts herself first, knowing that self-love is the highest spiritual attribute and will create health and abundance for her and her family.”

Sunny Mondays catch-up

If you’ve made it this far and you’re hungry for more, here’s a few of my recent blog posts.

This week I shared my experience of returning to study as a young mama – the pros + cons.

An interview with inspiring blogger and Bright Young Mama, Olivia White.

One of my favourite posts to date, Breaking Down the Stigma of Young Motherhood.

And finally, if you follow me on Facebook you’ll probably know that I’ve been writing an eBook about self-care for mamas. I am crazy-excited to share it with you (soon!) and I think you’re going to love it 

In the meantime, I’ve created a printable Daily Self-Care Planner so you can practice allocating time, every day, for your own self-care and joy. Sign up to my newsletter, and I’ll send you a free copy!





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