Hey there Bright Young Mama!

I’m Rebecca Walker. I’m a 26 year old blogger and Mama to two beautiful boys, Jack and Harry.

Here at Sunny Mondays, I write about life as a young mama – the good, the bad and the downright messy!

Being a mum is tough at any age, but young motherhood comes with a special set of challenges. And I’ve experienced many of them.




Loss of identity. Mental illness. Disruption to education. Interruption to career plans. Isolation. Hopelessness. Confusion. Resentment. Financial difficulty. Housing issues. Identity crises. Loneliness.

But there is so much more to life as a young mama than hardship and crisis.

There is joy and purpose and LOVE – a greater love than I ever could have felt without my children.

Sunny Mondays celebrates young mamas, and acknowledges that with darkness and difficulty, there is also radiant JOY.


Five years ago, when my son was born, I became a member of a powerful group of women – Bright Young Mamas.

Back then, I couldn’t comprehend the strength and courage that it takes to be a young mother. Over the last five years, and especially since creating Sunny Mondays in 2014, I have learned time and time again how much resilience, patience, determination and spirit it takes to be a young mum. Not just through my own experience, but through hearing and sharing the stories of other young women.

It is my dream to build an online space that nurtures connections between young mums, so that nobody has to go through this alone.

When I first became a young mum, I felt more isolated and disconnected than ever before. I only had one friend with a child, and despite having a loving and supportive group of friends, they just didn’t “get it”. It was impossible for them to understand what I was going through – sleepless nights and breastfeeding struggles and more – and I didn’t know where to turn for advice or encouragement.

I said No to help, I pushed my loved ones away, and I fell down the rabbithole of Post Natal Depression. This cocktail of emotion, isolation and disconnection from myself and my people, resulted in crippling anxiety. You can read more about my PND story here.

I openly share my story of depression and anxiety so that other mums may be inspired to seek help if they need to. I don’t want any other young mum to go through what I did.

And that’s why I created Sunny Mondays – to let people in to my world again, and to open my arms and welcome other young mamas into this unpredictable world of young parenthood. My story proves that it is possible to survive a quarter-life crisis with kids underfoot.

You too can succeed, grow, transform, and heal.

But that doesn’t mean that I’ve got all my shit together. No way.

I’m still learning how to love myself while I love my children; how to nurture myself while I nurture them. I don’t have it all figured out (hot tip: nobody does!), but sharing my story is my way of reaching out to you and saying, “You are not alone, Mama”.


I believe that all young mamas have the right to give back to themselves, every damn day. I dream of a world where young mums – just like you – nurture and love themselves with the same passion that they love their kids.

As a society, we are holding onto the outdated notion that women – particularly mothers – should be constantly giving of themselves. The flawed idea that self-care is actually selfish.

And often it’s mothers that I hear perpetuating this lie. Do any of these sound familiar?

“I’m lucky to have one minute alone (even on the loo!), so when am I supposed to meditate?!”

“I only work to pay the bills. I don’t have the time or energy to follow my dreams.”

“My kid’s needs are more important than my own.”

These are comments that I’ve heard mums of all ages make. And I’ve said them myself in the past.

But for many young mums, the idea that they must sacrifice their own wellbeing to “be a good mother” is deeply ingrained. Often, their kids arrived before they had the opportunity to discover themselves, develop a strong sense of identity, or devote years to their careers or hobbies.

That’s what happened to me: I had my first baby before I even had my first full-time job. I hadn’t yet found out what I was good at, or what I liked to do. I had no plan for my future, so my children became my plan. And that’s when I lost myself.

I want to show you how I changed the direction of my life, by changing my perspective about self-care and self-love.

I want you to break free of the misconception that your life is over, now that you have kids. I want you to speak up for yourself, and ask for what you need. I want you to realise that you are the only person who can give your children a happy and healthy mother.

So what do you think, Sunshine?

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Thanks for being here lovely,




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